PLM (Photography Lighting Module) | 摄影照明模块

PLM (Photography Lighting Module) is a modular lighting system for photo shooting. It can be used in lots of ways: either used individually as traditional surface light, or combined together into a shooting box. When it becomes a shooting box, each module provides 3 different color temperatures and the shooting box creates 54 combinations lighting atmosphere scenes, making PLM a reliable, easy to use, time & money saving light box for photo shooting. The neat and clean shape not only brings the convenience for setup and storage, but also fits any modern décor style.

PLM(摄影照明模块) 是一种用于照片拍摄的模块化照明系统。 它有多种使用方式:既可以作为传统面光单独使用,也可以组合成一个拍摄箱。 当它成为拍摄箱时,每个模块提供 3 种不同的色温,拍摄箱可创建 54 种组合灯光氛围场景,使 PLM 成为可靠、易于使用、省时省钱的照片拍摄灯箱。 整洁干净的造型不仅带来安装和存放的便利,而且适合任何现代装饰风格。


Unii is a modular lighting system, allows you to build different lighting combinations like playing with Legos. With the help of its high CRI index, Unii can be used in various scenarios, including professional photoshooting. Moreover, touch switch and assorted accessories make Unii more flexible to use. Each module has independent three levels of lightness, when you combine them to form your lighting system, you will have numerous lighting schemes.

Unii 是一个模块化照明系统,允许您像玩乐高积木一样构建不同的照明组合。 凭借其高显色指数,Unii可以用于各种场景,包括专业摄影。 此外,触摸开关和配套的配件使Unii的使用更加灵活。 每个模块都有独立的三级亮度,当您将它们组合成您的照明系统时,您将拥有无数的照明方案。