2001-2011 Prequel | 2001-2011 前篇

To provide a variety of professional designs for international brands such as Publicis advertising of France, Rubbermaid from United States, Parker Pen, LOUIS VUITTON and so on.

为法国Publicis (阳狮)广告、美国Rubbermaid、Parker Pen(派克钢笔)、LOUIS VUITTON (路易威登) 等国际品牌提供各种专业设计。

2011-2015 lq workshop (GDIDI) | 2011-2015 lq 工作室

The predecessor of AWORKZON was LQ workshop of the 2011 National Education Experiment Project (GDIDI). Its mission was to improve the quality and efficiency of design teaching through crafts workshops. By uniting designers from Germany, Italy, the US and other countries, LQ Workshop has trained more than 500 design students through long-term and short-term design workshops.

壹坊的前身是2011年国家教育实验项目(GDIDI) 里的一个工作室 lq workshop。在工作室通过动手实践的工作坊,提高设计教学的质量和效率。联合德、意,美等各国设计师,通过长期和短期的设计工作坊,lq workshop培养了超过500多名设计学生。

2016-2022 AWORKZON | 2016-2022 壹坊

AWORKZON was officially established, offering a variety of design and tool courses for young people aged 18-30; And committed to incubating various design projects and brands, so that good designs can be sold and known.

AWORKZON (壹坊)正式成立,开设各种面向18-30岁年轻人的设计和工具课程;并致力于孵化各项设计项目和品牌,让好设计能卖出去、被记住。

2022-Now AWZ | 2022至今 AWZ(壹坊)

Cooperates with more excellent designers to provide high-quality design services. Offers advanced design courses, publishes design publications, and establishes a complete design teaching system; Advocates the principle of Thinking & Practicing to make the design more suitable to actual production and use.

联合更多优秀设计师提供高质量的设计服务。增设设计进阶课程,出版设计刊物,建立完整的设计教学系统;提倡 “思考+实践“ 原则,让设计更符合实际生产和使用。