OUR DESIGN: Balance & Simplification | 我们的设计:平衡和简化

The designer’s responsibility is to skillfully balance various needs: art and technology, cost and effect, time and resources; The best way to balance these needs is to simplify, turning the intricate needs or constraints into a clear and simplified design.


Our TEACHING: Thinking + Practicing | 我们的教学:思考和实践

To avoid over-dependence on design software and encourage independent thinking and craft work. Meanwhile, craft work Practices increase the knowledge of a variety of materials and techniques to ensure that designs are reliable and achievable.

摆脱对设计软件的过度依赖,提倡独立思考和动手能力; 同时,动手实践也增加对各种材料和技术的了解,确保所设计的都是可靠的、能实现的。